An architecture inspired cycle tour

With the project coming to an end this week (sniff, sniff…), there are no more events in the Isle of Architecture calendar.  However, we wanted to leave you with one last special treat – an architecture inspired cycle tour! If you’ve spent any time on the Isle of Man, you’ll know it’s a bit bike mad […]


#ilovethisbuilding – still time (just) to enter your photograph!

Our #ilovethisbuilding photography competition – in association with Gallery magazine – is well underway but there’s still time to enter. All you need to do is take a photograph, either with a camera or on your phone, caption it #ilovethisbuilding and tell us in up to 100 words why you’ve chosen it, and then send […]

hannah corlett

Interview with Hannah Corlett on #MRWomenToday

Multi-award winning London architect Hannah Corlett returned to the Island on 6th April 6th, to speak about contemporary architecture as part of the Isle of Architecture season. Hannah, who went to school at St Ninians High School, is Founder and Director of London architecture studio ASSEMBLAGE. Key projects for her company have included a major […]

Choral Reading

House of Manannan Choral Reading 2017

Students from QEII High School take part in the Isle of Architecture event during February 2017. This event at the House of Manannan features traditional Manx Gaelic folk music, some traditional covers, and excerpts from readings performed by students. English Teacher and author Mrs Usha Kishore co-ordinated the event, with Mr Austin Miller working with […]

Cottage in Onchan

Cottage in Onchan

“I love this little cottage in Onchan, the way it stands almost defiant in the middle of the road, making modern day traffic diverge. It also reminds me of how hard life must have been when it was built, compared with to-day. The red door bids a cheery welcome to all who pass by, especially […]

St Adamnans Church Lonan

St Adamnans Church Lonan

“I love this building because of the real feeling of connection with the past that it gives you. I love the contrast between the almost enchanted feeling ruined end of the building and the neat Victorian interior of the beautifully restored tiny church. The setting is also perfect, approaching down the narrow lane studded in […]

Old Lonan Church

Old Lonan Church

“I love the setting and location of old Lonan church. Located right on the middle of picturesque countryside, it is one of my favourite churches on the Island!” #ilovethisbuilding

Laxey Flour

Laxey Flour Mill

“I love the mill building because it looks so full of history. I love the clock and date on the front and the colour of the brickwork which blends into its surroundings so well I love that the mill uses flour from local farmers, giving their products provenance and that this beautiful building is still […]

Auckland Terrace, Ramsey

Auckland Terrace, Ramsey

“#ilovethisbuilding not because of what it looks like now, but because of what it once was. A relic of Ramsey’s more wealthy past along with Auckland Terrace across Parliament Square. With a little imagination, you can see the perfectly manicured gardens surrounded by ornate iron railings, which are replicated on the elevation across the first […]

solated farmhouse nr Druidale

Farmhouse in the valley of Cronkdoo

“#ilovethisbuilding set low in the valley of Cronkdoo near Druidale. I can only wonder how hard life must have been for families living in this isolated farmhouse. Imagine having to use the outside loo in the middle of winter, where I imagine winters must have been extremely harsh back then. The building now provides a welcome […]

Wedding cake building

Wedding Cake

“The ‘Wedding Cake’ an iconic building and home to the peoples Parliament, the Oldest Continuous Parliament in the world. A truly striking design in the 1800s by a local architect John Robinson.” #ilovethisbuilding

Douglas Railway Station

Douglas Railway Station

“The Railway Station is the Isle Of Man’s engine. The Train’s steam becomes Manannan’s cloak; The Steam Train whistle echoes the Sea Terminal’s fog horns; The Station’s heart beats like its clock. Cair vie on Ellan Vannin!” #ilovethisbuilding

Market Street

17 Market Street, Peel

  “I love this building in Market Street, we moved here last summer into this cottage, locals and visitors who walk past take its photo or stop to make a comment how pretty it is, we have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and friendliness and for that reason, I am nominating it.” #ilovethisbuilding

Nightlife, Ramsey

Nightlife, Ramsey

“I love this building as it to me epitomises architecture of that Victorian era with a touch of grand design, just look at the main arched entrance and the first floor balcony iron work and the beautiful roof tower, let alone all the round pinnacles on the roof. Now better known as Nightlife, this building […]

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura

“I remember going into the camera obscura as a child and being enthralled – it was like the world’s biggest periscope. So glad it’s been restored – pity it’s not open more. I understand it has to have alarms on the exterior but it’s a shame they have to be so prominently displayed.” #ilovethisbuilding

Tower of Refuge

The Tower of Refuge

“I took this photo last summer whilst staying on the island to scatter my father’s ashes and chose it for the following reason: My father grew up in his grandparents’ boarding house on Loch Promenade and his grandfather was Captain of the Lady of Mann at Dunkirk. As such, Douglas harbour has a special place […]

The Nunnery

The Nunnery

“The old Nunnery is a wonderful example of how original beautiful architectural buildings can be, at least partly, preserved and still used, even if for another purpose entirely. According to Wikipedia – These buildings were built in the early 1800s in the “Strawberry Hill” Gothic Revival style. In 1999 the Isle of Man International Business […]

Sea Terminal

Sea Terminal

“Every summer throughout the 70s, me and my sisters would compete to be the first to spot the spike of the sea terminal building as we chugged into Douglas on one of the old Steam Packet boats. For us, it didn’t just point upwards to the sky. It pointed towards the Fairy Bridge, towards Perwick, […]

Open air theatre

The Open Air Theatre

“The open air theatre on Douglas Head is one of the hidden treasure of the Island. It’s hard to find and from Marine Drive, it looks like an old shed or store. However, once you see it from the other side and when you see the position and outlook there is no doubt that this […]

Sound Cafe

The Sound Visitor Centre & Café

“I love this building as it offers a fantastic view of the sound and Calf of Man in all weathers. The large frame-less 180 degree glass wall mean you can take in the views in the worst of weather and have a bowl of Manx Broth or a cool drink in the summer. With its […]


The Esplanade, Central Promenade, Douglas

“I love the grandeur of John Robinson’s Georgian design, and especially the ionic columns (despite the missing 3 volutes on the south side end and missing altogether on the north end) and the detailing on the Juliette balconies. Although originally never painted, the terrace could be wonderfully brought together by a matching paint scheme, rather […]

Tower of Refuge

Tower of Refuge

“The Tower of Refuge is an iconic building and probably a favourite of a lot of Manx residents. It is interesting to hear the many and various stories surrounding its history / purpose from those not familiar with its origins. Not only is it very much a favourite of mine but as a RNLI volunteer, […]

Tower of Refuge

Tower of Refuge

  “The Tower of Refuge is iconic. It dominates the view out to sea from Douglas Promenade, and the sight of it from the Steam Packet boat entering Douglas Harbour shouts out to any returning Manxie, ‘I’M HOME.’” #ilovethisbuilding



“This smallholding in the hills above Ballaugh Glen has a mystical quality for me. Whenever I go, the sun seems golden and it is wreathed in tendrils of mist. Endlessly calming, it can bring back the serene from the most acute stress.” #ilovethisbuilding


A celebration of democracy from Isle of Architecture

A lunchtime event held in the Tynwald Chamber on 10 April celebrated 150 years of Manx democracy, with a potted history of the building, re-enactments of extracts from speeches and debates, personal anecdotes and music, all brought to you by historian, broadcaster and author Charles Guard and his talented friends. “The Tynwald Chambers have been […]


Architectural I-Spy with Ballaugh School

Twenty-seven Ballaugh School pupils aged 5 to 7 recently played a game of architectural I-spy around Ballaugh village. Armed with clipboards the group looked at numerous buildings, identifying the building materials and possible age. On the site of the railway station, the goods platform and goods shed were spotted, while at the village crossroads comparisons […]

Old Kirk Btaddan

Old Kirk Braddan Church

I love Old Kirk Braddan for its setting and extraordinary atmosphere. It’s less than a mile from central Douglas, but takes you back centuries as soon as you step through the gate and down the path past its moss-grown graves. Inside the church there are old crosses, the scent of ancient damp and dust, and […]

Kathryn Ferry on MTTV

Kathryn Ferry on MTTV

Kathryn Ferry discusses seaside architecture with Paul Moulton on MTTV

Bay View Hotel

Bay View Hotel

Bay View Hotel in Port St Mary #ilovethisbuilding by Benvonnag on Instagram. “An older building then it looks on 1930s maps, mentioned as an inn in older deeds as past of Abbeylands. The road going up on the left is past of an old route way”.



Milntown Ramsey is the Summer Sun. #ilovethisbuilding by Chris W.

Old Grammar School

The Old Grammar School

The Old Grammar School in Castletown. #ilovethisbuilding by Karen Galliver.

St Michael's Chapel

St Michael’s Chapel

  St. Michael’s Chapel #ilovethisbuilding by Karen Galliver “This place will always remind me of my childhood.  From the yearly school trips and the many walks I took with my Dad.  To this day I still like nothing more than walking round different parts of the Island.  I hope these photos reflect how beautiful our […]

Laxey wheel 1896

Superlative Isle of Man

Did you know the Laxey Wheel is the largest working waterwheel in the world and that Castle Rushen is one of the most complete medieval fortresses in Europe?  As Isle of Man architectural landmarks they’re remarkable – why not visit this summer or take a time-trip through these images on iMuseum:   Laxey Wheel: […]

Truman Falls

Manx Museum Archive

“Standing Tall yet never really viewed” Truman Falls #ilovethisbuilding the Manx Museum stack that stores all the Manx Museum archives.

Port St Mary quarterland farmhouse

Port St Mary Quarterland Farmhouse

Port St Mary quarterland Farmhouse “Even has a few ghost stories associated with it, meant to have been the skeleton of a bride under the front door step”. #ilovethisbuilding by Benvonnag on Instagram

Braddan New Cemetary

Braddan New Cemetary

Braddan New Cemetery, The view of the doorway #ilovethisbuilding

Peel Castle

Peel Castle

“The Round Tower in Peel Castle. Why? Well it’s round, its door isn’t at ground level, it has stood since the 10th Century which means the Vikings would have seen it!” #ilovethisbuilding by Suzie Walker 


Tower of Refuge

Magdalena Karbowska #ilovethisbuilding because “It gives me hope that you can build on the sea”

peel house

Peel House

Cori Philips “This is someone’s house in Peel and it makes me smile every time I see it. The roundness of it, the thickness of the walls (about a metre, going by the windows!), the street curving around it as if it is an immovable force to be reckoned with. Like the elderly grandmother that […]