Architectural I-Spy with Ballaugh School

Twenty-seven Ballaugh School pupils aged 5 to 7 recently played a game of architectural I-spy around Ballaugh village. Armed with clipboards the group looked at numerous buildings, identifying the building materials and possible age.

On the site of the railway station, the goods platform and goods shed were spotted, while at the village crossroads comparisons with photographs from the 1890’s showed some of the village had changed very little. The presence of an Edward VIII post box and large windows on the building on the corner provided clues to where the post office had been at one time. A bit of detective work and a photograph from 1968 also revealed that Albert House had been cut in two! Returning to school via Mountain View, it was quickly worked out that this was a fairly recent estate as the houses and bungalows had garages.

The field trip was devised by Ian Radcliffe from University College Isle of Man at the request of Viki Townend from Ballaugh School. It is hoped that this will encourage other schools to do similar investigations. You can download the resources used here:  I-Spy Ballaugh – Key Stage 1.