A celebration of democracy from Isle of Architecture

A lunchtime event held in the Tynwald Chamber on 10 April celebrated 150 years of Manx democracy, with a potted history of the building, re-enactments of extracts from speeches and debates, personal anecdotes and music, all brought to you by historian, broadcaster and author Charles Guard and his talented friends.

“The Tynwald Chambers have been witness to some extraordinary events,” says Charles. “There are obvious ones, like the first woman MHK Marion Shimmin making her maiden speech which will be re-enacted here by Annie Kissack, and the insults levelled at Keys’ members by James Brown, who was subsequently imprisoned. But who remembers Clifford Irving’s ‘whelk stall’ insult or the Lieutenant Governor and Mr Delaney’s braces, or more recently David Cannan’s disagreements with Manx Radio? All these, and more, are part of this concert programme.”

The event was devised by Charles Guard on behalf of Isle of Architecture:

“We couldn’t have a celebration of the Island’s built environment without including Tynwald,” says Charles. “The iconic ‘wedding cake’ building is as much part of Douglas as the Tower of Refuge, and is in daily use as the centre of our government. I hope this concert combines the history of the building with the history of 150 years of Manx democracy, in a light hearted, entertaining way with wide appeal.”

The event was a great success thanks to Charles Guard and the team at Tynwald.

Thanks also to Seneschal, Paul Dougherty, for these great images.